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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday August 2, 2009

Today we had a busy, yet unplanned, day.

I slept in til almost 9:30. Last night I stayed up til after 2 am watching The People vs Larry Flynt. Excellent movie. Sandy got the kids to leave me alone by telling them that if I woke up we would have to go to church. (Summer Sunday school is sometimes a bore.)

We went and did some light shopping for necessities -- a few reams of printer paper and some wide rules notebooks. Also a new dog leash to replace Jack's very worn one.

Came home and went to the church park nearby. Came home and ate lunch. Then everyone went swimmming at the Y. My new prescription goggles allow me to see well underwater, something I have never done. If you have glasses you NEED prescription goggles. Mine were about $50, but seeing my children jump, swim, and dive underwater is a beautiful and fascinating thing.

Came and home and the children had quiet time while Sandy and I played Farm Town on Facebook. It is a time killer but its kinda fun. We are both woring to make cute little farms before we get bored and give it up. I don't really like Facebook but like a blog it seems to have its uses, and its easy to play a 5 minute game on it than on my XBOX.

Then I went through a stack of old CDs and threw out quite a few. The list included:

  • A hack CD containing Duke Nukem 3D, MSWorks, Netscape, Norton Utilities 95, Partition Magic, Quake 2, and Windows 95 and 98
  • Multiple scratched/blank CDs
  • A copy of Half-Life: Opposing Force
  • An install CD for Lotus SmartSuite. Ripped the Cd image to .iso format and threw the CD away. Might need it some day for old documents or whatever.
Then we got the kids up and while the ate a snack I showed them the 5 minute portion of the KnightRider episide where KITT wins a demolition derby.

I loaded the bikes onto the car and drove to a local park near the Zumbro. The kids and I went on about a 6 mile bike ride on some trails near the Zumbro and by the Mayo Mansion. Stopped by to see the Larsons who had just returned from a family reunion in Iowa. Sandy stayed home to make bread.

Came home and had pepperoni pizza and a simple lettuce and frozen pea salad for dinner. After dinner the kids played outside for about 45 minutes with the neighbor girl Miya, and then came back in. We watched the beginning of the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Then Sandy read the kids a book about Monarch butterfiles, which we have been raising lately. Our first butterfly, El Capitan Munchero, recently lost a wing, and previously refused to leave. We found milkweed plants nearby, and found butterfly larvae on them. We hope to release them successfully. El Capitan will probably be a lifelong resident of of our home, which means by next month she may be gone. C'est la vie!

Tomorrow we will drive up to the cities. I will drop off the kids and Sandy at the MN Zoo where they will take in the butterfly exhibit. I will drive to moms and fininsh my electrical work. I have been installing 6 recessed lights to replace less powerful fixtures in her new apartment. After that is done I will also refininsh the texttured ceiling and paint her kitchen.