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Monday, September 21, 2009

Re-Shingling the House

Last year I blogged about how Sandy and I had sought estimates for our roof repair. They ranged from $5440 to $6720. The estimate that mosyt closely matches the shingles that Sandy and I decided on was $5660.

I decided to roof the house myself nd in the interest of transparency this post will serve as a running total of the cost:

(rounded up w/o tax)

Ice and water barrier: $450
Starter shingles: $120
2x4 Lumber: $9
Ridge Vent: $226
Shingle ripper: $35
30# felt $243
TOTAL (so far) $1083

Extected extra costs: Shingles: $2225
(Owens Corning Duration in Driftwood)
Misc: $400
Labor: ?