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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last night I dreamed Peer Gynt had faded

Last night I slept very soundly and this morning I was aware that I was dreaming that I was back in my old home and looking through mementos in the upstairs attic. While looking at the inside wall where we had shelves and boxes of things, I noticed at first what seemed to be a large picture of a room, and when I moved back and forth realized that I was looking INTO a room. The room contained a small bed and on the floor was a cat that was very pale in color, looking very old but not gaunt or sick, just like he had been there for a long time. It looked like he had not moved in a long time but he was alive. I realized it was Peer Gynt, a cat I had when I was young, that had aged and faded, but who was still part of the house.

Later in the dream the house was going up for sale and we were going throughout the mostly cleaned out rooms, all very elegant, taking pictures. I wanted to stay. I realized that the home was not my home, and that it was in fact a much grander and ornate home, more southern in character, with larger open rooms and chandeliers.

I enjoyed the dream, but I worry about the cat.


Anonymous 7/16/2010 05:16:00 PM  

Wow...that's strange. We didn't really have Peer Gynt for more than a few months, because of Erik's being diagnosed with so many allergies. We gave him to the Raasch family, who renamed him "Max." He was a nice little cat, and came from Detroit Lakes, where he had been abandoned in front of a house 2 doors down the street from Beste's. You convinced me that we should take him with us by saying, "We can name him Peer Gynt!"