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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 so far. . .Change come

If I had to choose a word for this year so far, and the year to come, it would be: CHANGE.

For the better.

This year it seemed that we really made some headway toward long term lasting changes in our family. Amid my unfinished tree house and a garden that would not grow like we thought it would, we made some lasting changes that I think will affect us for a long time.

  • We started buying organic and free range food.
  • We joined a CSA (a farm co-op) that will supply us with locally grown organic fruits and vegetables for the winter. If this works I can only see us buying a larger share as the kids grow and need more food.
  • Sandy continued baking all our bread.
  • We refinished the guest bedroom into a dedicated homeschooling room.
  • We made plans to get our own chickens next year.
  • We saw a financial planner and implemented major changes into our saving and investing activity.
  • The kids continue to grow tall AND wise. The boys are learning to read, Annika is reading and writing so much more than I could hope for.

These were all things that anyone could do. And yet we seemed to get into them all at the right time. It seemed pretty easy.

Of course, Sandy works extremely hard at all this, and I sometimes feel like a bystander -- just lucky to be part of it.

I have been working on some new projects for work that I hope will come to fruition, but I see myself being very stable at work, too.

It just feels like this year all of our decisions were right.

And I'm not ashamed to say I think were the happiest couple I know.

Today on our way down from the park on our scooters, I thought I noticed just a hint of...skepticism...from a neighbor.

Yes, it was a Monday. Yes your kids just got home from school and mine are riding their brand new scooters down. No we didn't screw around all day avoiding the public schools. Yes, we DID just come from chess, art, drama and Spanish class. Yes they are going on a field trip to the Minnesota Historical society tomorrow.

Yes. It was a good year. And it feels like it is only gonna get better.
Change come fast and change come slow, but change come.

And for that I say, thank you.