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Monday, May 08, 2006

A Perfect Weekend

This weekend was great. I mowed the backyard, filled up the square foot gardens with more compost and peat moss, weeded and removed excess grass around the perennial garden, went for a long bike ride with Annika along the Zumbro, and scrap-booked a bunch of my fathers pictures from his childhood.

On Sunday, Sandy and I played with the kids outside for over three hours. The house looked perfect. While the kids took a nice long nap I removed all the grass from around the end of the garden under the arbor, ran it through a screed to remove all the grass and excess material, and laid down some black landscaping fabric to protect against more growth. I'll rake some mulch over it tonight (Monday). Turned the compost pile completely over and added some hay. It's getting very dark. Sandy wants to add a black cover over it to increase the heat. Might not be a bad idea.

My letter to the editor was published in the Post Bulletin on Friday. That's the last reference I'll make to the C-SPAN incident on my blog. I kinda let that get out of control.

I figured out how to make a little drawing Annika made appear next to the mouse cursor, but it doesn't appear in Firefox. I'll have to find out why. It looks like this:

Also, I found a picture that was taken back at the Lonsky's in 2002.


Kurt Schroeder 5/08/2006 02:25:00 PM  

I should have said that Sandy scrapbooked the pictures while I watched and organized them into logical page groupings.