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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Doomsdad - Intro to DoomsDad

I have decided that my alter ego while posting about my blogging relationship with SuperMommy will be: Doomsdad. I had thought about "Hex Luthor" because I often deal with hexidecimal numbers, but Superman versus Lex Luthor is no contest. Sure, Lex tricked Superman and captured him by using Kryptonite one time, but in an all out brawl, Superman wins. No contest. I see Sandy and I more as equals. Even Batman, who many think is in some way Superman's equal, would be no match for him in a fair fight. If Superman got the drop on him one time, he's toast. The character I was seeking would be the one who was the equal of Superman. And that would be Doomsday.

Tonight, Doomsdad tricked out SuperMommy's blog with a fancy new title. I'd never edited that part of a Blogger template before, but it wasn't too bad.

Tomorrow is Thursday. We'll have a team meeting at IBM in the morning. We have one of those every other week. I don't really like going to meetings, unless they are focused on something, so hopefuly this one will be short and to the point.

Doomsdad out.


Kurt Schroeder 6/22/2006 07:54:00 AM  

This post took me about 2 hours, for some reason. I started reading up on Superman and couldn't stop. His history is fascinating, as is the history of Doomsday, who was raised as a baby on Krypton, and killed multiple times. Each time, his remains were collected and reuse to build a being that was unable to be killed by what killed it last. Which sounds a lot like the Omnidroid from the Incredibles, now that I think about it. Damn Pixar.

Karen 6/22/2006 08:12:00 AM  

I'm feeling your pain. I spent much time at the wikipedia reading about Star Wars and the history of the Sith, when I wrote that post.

Sandy 6/22/2006 09:39:00 AM  

You will never succeed Doomsdad in your quest to defeat me! I shall CRUSH you, oh blog-impaired one.